Madewell is running a 24-day denim campaign starting July 26, debuting a new item made of denim for the next 24 days. To-be releases include denim Vans slip ons, a denim jumpsuit designed in partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, discontinued maternity jeans, and a denim-upholstered chair by ABC Carpet & Home.

Perhaps to avoid the path of its sister brand J. Crew, Madewell is looking for ways to create buzz without slashing prices. The high price point of the collection – $385 for a denim jacket and $1,395 – will add to the perception of uniqueness and luxury. The goal is not only to sell the collection, but to drive consumers to the brand’s online and physical stores. The brand is promoting the collection on its social media channels to keep it top of mind.

L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail ranks Madewell No. 74 and Challenged, docking points for the absence of push-to-store tactics on product pages (losing opportunities to upsell). However, creative campaigns show the brand is using unconventional tactics to build long-term relationships with consumers and generate anticipation for new products. Furthermore,  Madewell is one of the top five brands in the retail study to invest in store openings and potential foot traffic.

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