As consumers increasingly prioritize convenience, loyalty programs can augment the retail experience when accessible across multiple touchpoints. Mobile has become the cornerstone of an omnichannel loyalty experience; brands must leverage all digital channels to enhance program visibility and integrate loyalty app features conducive for in-store usage in order to make loyalty top of mind.

Gartner L2’s loyalty report shows that brands are leaning more heavily on mobile devices to promote loyalty programs and reach the third of consumers who access membership rewards in apps. Brands have notably improved visibility of loyalty features within apps—76% of analyzed brands with mobile apps advertise loyalty programs in app store descriptions and 50% make programs visible on the app home screen, a 10% increase year over year. However, only a third of brands analyzed actively market an app alongside their loyalty programs.


Through gamification of loyalty, Uniqlo effectively promotes its app and spurs both app downloads and account signups. The brand provides an on-site guide that walks through app functions and membership benefits and explains account registration through animated visuals. Whether shoppers purchase items in stores or online, Uniqlo makes it feasible for everyone to participate in games for offers, making loyalty interactive and incentivizing additional purchases. Leading brands ultimately implement such practices to create meaningful interactions with consumers in addition to integrating loyalty-specific app features like digital loyalty cards and capitalizing on individual user preferences to power app personalization.

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