Brands trust video as a powerful storytelling medium: 87% of brands in L2’s Video report feature videos on their sites. However, these brands need to be wary of the same viewability issues afflicting video advertising. To maximize the benefits that video brings, brands must strategically place content where it is most likely to be seen. The middle of horizontal screens and the top of vertical (mobile) screens are ideal real estate.

While features like autoplay on page load can help to quickly engage viewers, these can also diminish the site experience for users browsing with multiple tabs due to sound and latency issues. This can frustrate users and ultimately prompt them to abandon the page. While 43% of brands deploying video on their homepage use autoplay on page load, tactical brands have instead adopted autoplay upon page view. This distinction enables the video to only begin to play when the user is actively browsing the page and to stop playing upon navigation away from the page. However, this seemingly simple fix has only been adopted by 10% of brands with homepage videos.

Content viewability

Beyond viewability, brands should align their homepage video content strategy with conversion goals. Almost half of shoppers look for videos related to products before purchasing, showing the influence that video collateral can have over purchase decisions. Indeed, nearly half of brands deploying video on the homepage use promotional videos, which can both build brand recognition and elicit a direct response from the viewer. However, without an explicit link to a product or purchase page, the viewer will experience friction while searching for the product of interest. Brands have largely failed to make their video content directly shoppable (either through shoppable videos or providing clear links to PDPs/grid pages). Only a quarter of brands with homepage videos include a Buy or Shop Now link within the video’s vicinity, making it unlikely that viewers will go on to purchase.

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