Consumers are exposed to large numbers of e-commerce sites and online products every day, so the ability to control which products they see first on your brand’s site is valuable. Brands can offer this capability through filters and sorting tools. Yet while 86% of brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry have filters, less than half have sorting capabilities.

One of the most useful ways to sort products is by price. Looking at just the brands with sorting capabilities, 93% have adopted a search by price function.


Chaumet is an example of a brand that uses this capability in a unique way. Although product prices aren’t available on the brand’s site, it’s still possible to sort items by price. The brand leverages this sorting tool to manage customer expectations about the cost of products.


By allowing customers to sort items and see the lowest- or highest-priced items first, Chaumet solves for potential problems caused by the lack of prices on the brand site. Customers can easily get an idea of where a watch falls along the price spectrum before purchasing in person, instead of being surprised (and possibly deterred) when the cost of the watch is revealed in-store.

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