Overall, watch brands are not adept at creating and promoting YouTube content and mass brands are even less savvy than the luxury subcategory. Mass and licensed watch brands own just 4% of first page organic search on YouTube compared to 19% for luxury watch & jewelry brands.


Furthermore, only six brands have produced watch videos that gained over one million views: TAG Heuer, Calvin Klein, Victorinox, Chanel, Hamilton, and Tissot. Fashion brands with watch offerings are not skewing the category’s results either: Despite widespread adoption of YouTube, just 71% of Fashion brands post videos featuring watch collections. In fact, watch videos posted by Fashion brands yield fewer views than those posted by mass brands, 414,000 brands vs. 1.6 million on average.

Luxury watch brands are also responsible for the bulk of watch-related SEM investments on YouTube. Rolex ads, for example, appear in 25% of mass brand search terms and 49% of luxury watch and jewelry search terms.


For more on the digital competency of 74 mass and licensed watch brands, download L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mass & Licensed Watches.
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