Screenshot 2014-06-04 17.36.29Matrix “Class for Glass” was featured as one of L2’s “Flashes of Genius” in the Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color 2014, a report that benchmarks the digital performance of 61 Hair Care & Color brands in the US. The “Class for Glass” initiative provides stylist tutorials filmed from the viewpoint of the stylist wearing the glasses. The videos are available to both consumers and professionals.

Whether Google Glass will surpass early adopters and become mainstream remains unclear but the potential for them to change the way hairstylists and make-up artists teach consumers and other professionals has already been demonstrated by Matrix Class for Glass. Google Glass is an ideal device for hairstyling and make-up tutorials and will change the way they are given. Barriers to entry for vloggers (expensive video cameras, lighting, sound and editing) are removed by Google Glass as the device allows for a direct view of the subject.

How can these glasses affect the future of styling? Not only could we see a rise of G-Glass Vloggers (imagine Michelle Fan with DVF’s Google Glasses) but the glasses also give the opportunity for Hair brands to engage with stylists and fans on a new level by adopting styling vlogger videos into their own portfolio. Brands should tap into the democratization of styling videos by holding G-Glass user-generated content contests and allowing stylists and consumers submit their styling videos for awards and/or to be featured on their sites and youtube channels. L2 is eager to see what lies ahead as brands continue to adapt these devices into their marketing strategy.

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