This week’s Snapchat update may have been the last straw for Maybelline, which tweeted a poll yesterday asking whether it should continue to use the platform. The poll attracted 6,000 responses, with 81% of respondents saying the beauty brand should leave Snapchat for Instagram, before being deleted.

Beauty brands are some of the most active on Snapchat. Would Maybelline’s departure from the platform mark its demise?

The public poll might seem like a bold move for Maybelline, which previously maintained an active presence on Snapchat, promoting ads on the Discover page that featured tutorials and behind-the-scenes content. But it comes at a time when the platform may be on the brink of losing its spark. Over half of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty have Snapchat handles, but less than half were active in Q3 2017.  In comparison, 98% of Beauty Index brands have Instagram accounts and 74% posted an Instagram Story over the same period.

Snapchat also faced backlash after rolling out its latest update, which changed the design dramatically. A petition asking for the pre-updated version to be reinstated garnered nearly 1.5 million signatures. Even before Maybelline’s tweet, the platform’s stock plummeted $1.5 billion when Kylie Jenner, one of Snapchat’s most popular users and a beauty entrepreneur herself, publicly pondered if anyone opened the app anymore.

Whether or not Maybelline leaves Snapchat, one thing seems likely: brands will continue to use Twitter as a place for gauging consumer sentiment.

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