L2’s Digital IQ tracks more than 1,250 data points across the four dimensions of digital (site & e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile, and social media) to provide actionable insights to inform strategic objectives and capital allocation. On a similar scale, Commerce IQ benchmarks brand performance on retailer sites by providing point in time analysis and longitudinal tracking. And, the Category IQ benchmarks brand performance of digital initiatives in a specific product category relative to a customized competitive set, taking into account search visibility, search rank, pricing and assortment, and on-site visibility.

To complement this data, L2 often looks outside to other innovative data sets produced by growing startups and established agencies. Strike Social, for example, has an intelligence platform that can predict which YouTube videos will perform best and the ad spend required to reach a brand’s desired scale. Pathmatics provides ad spend and impression estimates, with a vast creative library to analyze strategies and monitor competitors. And tracks real-time TV advertising data, connecting television commercials to the digital properties that extend their reach. For the full list of companies L2 partners with, see the Data Partners page.

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