Clique Media has created Obsessee, a new content brand that exists solely on social media. Obsessee’s four editors will create and distribute content exclusively on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr in the form of photo galleries, videos, and live Q&As. “So much of this discovery, relationship-building, creativity, and story-sharing occurs on social media now, so it was only natural to make that the home for our content,” Clique founder Katherine Power said. “Our target readers are already there; we are just making better content easier for them to discover,” she added.


Power’s statement describes much of what is happening in the media world today. Media brands that can thrive in the digital age fall into two categories (according to L2’s latest media study): Luxury properties that provide in-depth coverage that is paid and/or attracts expensive advertising (New York Times, Vice Media Group), and Mass Market titles that have enormous reach and low-cost content (Buzzfeed, Facebook). And the latter reach gains an enormous amount of its audience from social media. Mass Market brands have multiple the reach and engagement of traditional media brands on social platforms. (Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post have three and four times the social media engagement of the New York Times)

As for revenue, Obsessee will be among the brands moving away from display advertising. Sponsored content or native advertising will be the main source of revenue.

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