Women have long been the target audience for personal care advertising. Despite the fact that all of us, women and men, young, middle-aged, and old, all use tissue, toothpaste, body wash, detergent and deodorant on a daily basis, brands in this sector have traditionally skewed female for both print and TV campaigns. But just as men have become a more dominant buying force in the fashion world, so too has their demand grown in Personal Care. In fact, the male grooming industry, which was a $5B business in the U.S. in 2012, is projected to reach almost $6B in revenue in 2016. In our new Digital IQ Index: Personal Care report, released last week, one of the most interesting findings was not just how brands like Dove, Nivea, Shick and Gillette were marketing more toward men but that they were all taking advantage of one specific platform–online video–to build their male audience.


In the chart above (click for greater detail), we identified six of the most successful male-targeted online video campaigns from the 72 brands included in our report and stacked them up against one another–both in terms of overall strategy and digital performance. ‘Gifted’ brand Nivea’s “Silence the Irritation” campaign, launched in May, included a six-episode comedy series called, “Just Face it,” which to-date have accumulated more than 3M views. To extend the show’s shelf life post-campaign, Nivea, along with design partner Break Media moved the webisodes to a custom MadeMan.com page, where users can still enter weekly sweepstakes and engage with updated editorial content. This move was smart, strategically, as the same videos on MadeMan.com average 558 times more views than those that live solely on the ‘Nivea for Men’ YouTube channel.

In this summer’s lead up to the “Man of Steel” premiere, Gillette launched the “How Does He Shave?” campaign on its YouTube channel, featuring four different videos outlining creative theories on how Superman shaves. For fan involvement, Gillette allowed viewers to vote or Tweet their own hypotheses via the #HowDoesHeShave hashtag. The videos were extremely successful and in just a few months have received more than 2.5 million views and generated 4,000 comments.

It’s impossible to talk about online video and male-centered marketing and not mention Old Spice. The brand almost single-handedly resurrected by Isaiah Mustafa’s bizarre and humorous turn as ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‘, is without question the leader in this space. For all brands across all six Personal Care categories, Old Spice is in a video league of its own with nearly 260M total views, leaving second-place Dove (75M) and everyone else in the dust. Its “Muscle Music” video campaign from last summer garnered an incredible 7.3M views and 11,000 interactions within the first week of its release.

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