This week Mercedes revealed that it had increased its brand site visits by 54% and ad recall by 14% as a result of connecting Instagram campaigns with Facebook. Facebook started experimenting with putting Instagram ads on Facebook feeds in July, enabling brands to leverage best of both social media worlds, the large fan base of Facebook and the high engagement rate of Instagram. (The average auto brand community size on Facebook is larger than 2 million while the average Instagram community is below a million. Yet, Instagram posts by auto brands register 2.68% engagement vs. 0.09% on Facebook.)

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Mercedes, Genius in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto, was one of the first brands to test the new feature. Last year, the brand’s “Take the Wheel” photo contest (which asked influencers to take the CLA on a road trip) delivered nearly 200,000 visits to the campaign hub. This year the brand launched the GLApacked contest, in which influencers post photos of what they would bring on an ideal road trip laid out on a GLA cargo matt.

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Even though auto brands are doubling their following on Twitter and Instagram each year, Facebook remains a critical investment with an estimated that 65% of social conversions take place on the platform. A testament to the utility of both platforms: website visit increased tenfold by 580% when Facebook and Instagram ads were combined Facebook’s Direct Response Ads.



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