L2 released an Insight Report on Metasearch in the Prestige Hotels industry. One of the key findings is that metasearch engine use has surged in the past few years, and is the highest among Chinese travelers and U.S. millennials. Twenty-eight percent of U.S. leisure travelers used metasearch engines vs. 18% in 2012. Thirty-nine percent of millennial travelers use metasearch engines vs. 23% of boomers.

sites-used (1)

Globally, metasearch engine use is even higher. In China, 54% of online travel planners use metasearch. Germany follows with 42%.


Metasearch presents an opportunity for hotel brands to win travelers back from OTA sites, especially because of its high use among millennials. However, few are using this opportunity as metasearch engines drive 6% of OTA upstream traffic and 1% of hotel brand traffic.


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