L2 released today the 2016 Digital IQ Index: Mexico Beer. For the first time, the study ranks the digital performance of 29 beer brands operating in Mexico. Here are the top five:

Dos Equis: This brand had the best Facebook presence in Mexico, driving the highest number of interactions at 17,000 per post. Use of UGC is stellar as well; As part of the “La Lata” fans can post and modify their images with Dos Equis product and brand collateral. Dos Equis also has complete control of its search results, appearing in almost 100% of organic first page results for brand term searches.

Corona: Corona is successful on Instagram, earning the highest share (24%) of interactions of all brands in the Index. Corona’s advertising strategy is effective as well, generating the most impressions from web advertising across the Index. This visibility strategy extends to retailer sites in Mexico, specifically Superama and Walmart.

Heineken: This Gifted brand – the top-performing import brand in the Index – earned its spot with high search visibility. Engagement on Twitter is highest in the Index, but the brand’s local Instagram account was inactive for five months in 2016.


Stella Artois: Stella maintains multiple independent YouTube channels across Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Mexico). While localization is better for connecting with consumers in a specific country, search visibility is diminished compared to global channels maintained by peers.

Victoria: Victoria is one of only three brands offering a transactional loyalty program on its brand site and mobile app. Additionally, the brand stands out for achieving organic search visibility against category-specific terms.

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