Vlogger/YouTube star Michelle Phan has a new venture: a digital, scrollable, futuristic comic series titled “Helios: Femina.” Phan says she has been developing the concept for Helios since she was 11, and is working with a team of artist to refine the details.

Phan is one of the top vloggers who got an early start in the beauty industry in 2007. And now, vloggers have collectively taken over the beauty sphere on YouTube, dominating the branded search space with 65% of first-page video results. Despite increasing their efforts on YouTube (brands in L2’s latest Beauty study nearly doubled their share of organic search real estate from 8% in 2014 to 13% in 2015), beauty brands seem unable to make a dent in bloggers’ control.

beauty-2015-average-share-of-first-page-organic-search-results-on-youtube-brand-term-searchSavvy brands use this phenomenon to their advantage by encouraging – and in some cases partnering with vloggers – to boost brand mentions. MAC is the savviest in this regard, having the highest number of brand mentions among brands in L2’s Beauty Index by far. Close to 10% of vlogger brand mentions are MAC products. Next in line is NYX, who accounts for 3.7% of mentions.



While the comic book may seem like a departure from Phan’s core venture, but a look at vlogger success (especially when compared to brand videos) shows the importance of good storytelling in YouTube success.


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