While collecting data for L2’s Data and Targeting report, researchers used a Google phone number to sign up for SMS messages from brands. However, despite adding the number to several lists, they only received messages from one brand: Tarte.

This highlights a major missed opportunity. Globally, 85% of consumers indicate that they want to both receive and answer brands on their mobile phones. But while 87% of brands request a cell phone number during newsletter signup, account signup, or account customization, only 28% of those ask users to opt-in for SMS alerts — and even fewer seem to actually send them.

Mobile information collection

Facebook Messenger and live chat are other areas of messaging where brands fail to connect the dots. While 80% of brands in L2’s Content and Commerce report use Facebook Messenger to reach consumers, less than a third respond to user messages within an hour. Similarly, L2’s Data and Targeting report finds that most of the 48% of brand sites featuring live chat rely on actual humans.

Automated chat programs and artificial technology can link customers to other areas of brand sites. However, only 6% of brands using Facebook Messenger were using some sort of bot program in April, and even fewer were using bots to handle traffic via their live chat platform. These brands are missing out on not only a great way to interact with and provide service to customers, but also a potential opportunity to collect feedback on everything from products to marketing efforts.

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