While E.U. mobile operators are rushing to build out new digital services, their investments in digital marketing and e-commerce lag those of OTTs and electronics retailers. These are the most common opportunities neglected by brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators Europe:

Merchandising smartphones: Device deals can attract new mobile customers, but compared to electronics retailers like Fnac and MediaMark, European providers severely underinvest in merchandising smartphones on their sites. Just a handful of brands in L2’s study offer advanced preview features like product videos and photos with 360-degree views, and only half make clear which plan options are compatible with each device.

Product page features

Upselling: New device launches can also create hype that helps brands convert new customers and upsell existing users. But only one in six operators offers an on-site tool letting customers check whether their plan is eligible for a device upgrade. Even more damaging, just two brands include a special page for upcoming device releases, and only one, O2 UK, lets customers sign up to get emails when new devices are launched.

Incentivizing prospects: With consumers increasingly expecting an intuitive online experience along the lines of an in-store consultation, brands can no longer neglect on-site guided selling functionalities. While two-thirds of operator sites provide a tool indicating coverage speeds across their network, just 16% offer a similar interactive tool to navigate plan and device options.

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