Our Digital IQ Index: Food features M&M’s search strategy as a Flash of Genius for best use of consumer-insights to dominate online real estate. M&M controls 80% of first page organic search results for brand term queries vs. the Index average of 52%. Leveraging the brand’s entertaining content, search results direct users to the brand Facebook page and M&M personalization site instead of the corporate brand site. The site had more than 45 million impressions over the course of a year, more than any other site in the Candy category.


In addition to the obvious candy-related terms, has gotten a boost in visibility (5 million impressions) from non-category search terms such as wedding favors, party supplies, gift ideas, bridal and baby showers. These events are often celebrated with made-to-order and customized food, and the search page is a perfect place to plant the seed of using M&Ms in the celebration. M&M controls 74% of the entire candy-related search term real estate, mainly due to acting on their knowledge of what potential consumers are searching for.

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