L2’s Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet found a gap in mobile app investment and reception. More than 60% of the brands are active on iOS and 45% are present on Android, even though consumers spend less than 10% of their total time on mobile devices on non-game and non-social apps.

mobile-and-tablet-2014-site-vs-apps-breakdown-of-time-spent-on-mobile-devices (1)

The report also found a discrepancy between investment in app features and their popularity. For example, gamification was the most common feature among top-rated apps (found in 4 of the top 10), but just 5% of brand apps had the functionality. Another common feature of the top ten brand apps was device pairing, which just 4% of brands had invested in.


mobile-and-tablet-2014-mobile-apps-top-10-recent-brand-releases (1)

Camera utilization investment was on par with the response: 27% of apps have the feature as well as three of the seven top-rated brand apps released in the past year. Overall, apps that were more successful offered what mobile sites could not: camera utilization, accelerometer access, device pairing.

mobile-and-tablet-2014-mobile-apps-features-and-functionality (1)

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