L2’s Digital IQ Index: Prestige Hotels found that hotel brands are not catering to international travelers in their mobile booking offerings. Only 32% of mobile booking apps offer property information in multiple languages. And only 42% and 35% allow currency conversion to Euro’s and Yuan’s respectively.


Even when brands invest in foreign-language sites, they pare down functionalities. For example, 82% of brands do not offer maps on their French mobile sites, compared to 42% who don’t offer maps for U.S. mobile sites. Just 23% of brands enable reservation viewing and modification on their French mobile sites, a function available on the U.S. mobile site of 74% of Index brands.


Lack of mobile booking options for foreign travelers is just one example of an industry-wide shortcoming. On desktop sites, just 20% and 17% of brands default to Euro or Pounds for French and U.K.-based travelers. Similarly, more than half of Index brands have no French site and 38% have no Chinese site.


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