At last week’s Mobile Clinic, L2 members got an inside look at some of the biggest topics in mobile. Here are a few of the most compelling takeaways.

Consumers are spending more time on mobile, but barely any time with retailers.
Claude de Jocas
Intelligence Group Director, L2

The secret to selling products to sneakerheads: one-click checkout.
Matthew Siegel
Vice President & GM of Global Digital Commerce, NIKE, Inc

“Tech is a product, not a project.”
Bryan Galipeau
‎Director of Social Media & Display, Nordstrom

“In a mobile-first world, ‘where’ is no longer a destination, it’s a state of motivation.”
David Hewitt
VP, Consumer Experiences and Global Mobile Practice Lead, SapientNitro

How to be innovative in the mobile space: invest early, pivot fast, and be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs.
Johnna Marcus
Senior Director, Sephora Innovation Lab

Brand editorial apps and beacons are yesterday’s news. Brands should invest in mobile-first content, experiment with mobile advertising, and ultimately think of mobile as the connected tissue of omnichannel.
Maureen Mullen
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, L2 Inc.

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