With the majority of website traffic coming from mobile devices, mobile sites present a massive opportunity for brands looking to capture consumer attention. However, high-speed scrolling coupled with limited screen real estate often makes it difficult for consumers to discern product information.

Brands can create mobile-optimized hero images—simplified product photos that highlight top-selling products—to make it easy for mobile consumers to determine the brand, product type, and product size without reading text descriptions on mobile grid pages and product pages on retailer sites. CPG brands, which often have similar packaging for different products, should particularly focus on mobile-optimized content to help consumers differentiate between products.

Unilever deploys mobile-optimized hero images to combat the dual problems of small screens and high-speed scrolling—rolling out mobile-ready images across 50 retailers in 22 geographies. However, Unilever has yet to utilize these images on its branded mobile sites, missing the opportunity to leverage pre-existing content across all channels.

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