For the first time ever on Black Friday, mobile accounted for a larger percentage of site traffic than desktop. However, as in previous years, conversion rates remained low – signaling that mobile payment continues to play catch up to the browsing experience.

Nearly 80% of Thanksgiving Day site traffic for retailers took place on mobile, including both smartphones and tablets. Over 70% of Walmart site traffic came through mobile, driven by the retailer’s decision to offer mobile app users exclusive deals, and rival Target reported that mobile accounted for more than 60% of traffic.

But while that sounds like good news for retailers nervous about competing with Amazon, they may still have reason to be concerned: few of those visitors actually buy anything. Conversion rates hovered around 2% for smartphones and 4% for tablets, consistent with previous years. Given that 40% of consumers say easier checkout would convince them to shop on mobile devices, retailers might be better served investing in more seamless transactions, rather than simply driving consumers to their mobile site.

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