Mondelez International launched Shopper Futures this week, a three-month program asking startups to pitch their best marketing technology ideas to the food giant. Brands are encouraged to look at emerging technologies like beacons and conductive ink as a way to get people to buy more snacks. The company’s U.S. head of media and communications said in an interview with Adweek that the path to purchase has been “irreversibly disrupted” and the brand is looking for ways to dive in.


L2 has released several reports on digital groceries (Insight Report: Digital Coupons, Insight Report: E.U. Grocery, Digital IQ Index: Food), which provide further evidence on why packaged food brands should look for alternatives to the grocery store shelf. While important, e-commerce should not be the only focus of brands; digital channels are starting to influence purchases further down the funnel. Thirty eight percent of grocery shoppers spend half of their planning time online. Once in store, 90% of shoppers with smartphones use their device in the aisle.

Online recipes and digital coupons are a few ways brands can attract consumers to their products. Some go as far as installing product locators on their site to direct consumers to partnering retailers. Overall, however, features such as coupons, customer service, product locators, blogs and videos are sparse on enterprise sites.


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