Review a toothpaste on Amazon or, and you’re affecting more than another consumer’s hygiene choice – you’re also helping that toothpaste rise in search rankings. L2’s Insight Report: Enterprise E-Tailer Strategy finds that products with more reviews enjoy superior search visibility. By boosting review counts, brands can show up closer to the top of search results.

Looking at the average number of product reviews that Personal Care enterprises have on major e-tailers, P&G leads its competitors by a comfortable margin. Its particularly high Walmart average is skewed by Pampers, whose top five products have 13,000 reviews on average. Meanwhile, Colgate-Palmolive is a loser on Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The wide gap between those two enterprises – 1,345 reviews for P&G on Walmart, compared with 18 for Colgate-Palmolive – reveals the wide gap between leading Personal Care enterprises and those trailing behind.

Review count on e-tailers

Brands can boost their review count by syndicating reviews from brand sites, a feature available on both Walmart and Target. While Amazon does not allow review syndication, 
the Amazon Vine program lets manufacturers provide participants with free products in exchange for reviews. By following these strategies, laggards like Colgate-Palmolive can begin to catch up to leaders on search visibility.


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