To capture potential consumers on social media, brands need to have the right tools in place to continue the conversation on official brand channels. According to Gartner L2’s latest report, 62% of luxury brands have adopted at least one Call to Action on Facebook. While landing pages differ by category and price point, they all guide the consumer down the purchase funnel.

Luxury Facebook

Beauty brands lead in adopting a Shop Now button on Facebook at 62%, and all luxury hotel brands have a Book Now badge that leads the consumer to a brand-owned or third-party booking site. Even non-DTC brands can use Call-to-Action buttons to drive customers to more brand channels. For example, the auto industry drives directly to brand sites through “Find Out More” or “Sign Up For Newsletter” buttons, keeping the consumer engaged and continuing the conversation past social. 

However, champagne and spirits and fashion brands are falling behind other luxury sectors. Just half of brands in Gartner L2’s report implement badges on their Facebook pages, failing to keep pace with the competition.

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