Despite the myth that digital has leveled the playing field, most brands with the highest scores in our Digital IQ Index belong to a conglomerate. The P&Gs, Unilevers, and L’Oréals have a larger budget to invest in e-commerce, social media, and fulfillment, but sometimes an independent brand beats the odds. Mustela placed eighth L2’s inaugural Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France, being the only non-conglomerate brand in the top ten.

Mustela is one of the top performers in search, appearing in 9% of Baby Care Google queries. It is also one of two baby care brands (Klorane is the other) to have a robust mother and baby club. Mustela targets members with branded emails offering discounts, loyalty points, gifts and testing opportunities. It also builds relationships with mothers before the baby’s arrival, with iPhone and iPad apps that track pregnancies.


Mustela promotes the mothers club on social platforms. It hosts contests that require joining on Facebook, where it has the ninth largest community (271,793) among French personal care brands. The blog offers motherhood tips such as on how to travel with children and how to protect them from the sun.

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Overall, Mustela proves it is possible for independent brands to rise over conglomerates, but doing so requires excellence on all digital fronts.


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