Most brands are missing a huge opportunity when it comes to influencer marketing, according to L2’s recent Influencer Strategy report. While 70% of brands in the study work with influencers, 90% of them fail to share influencer content on their own social accounts, let alone leverage that content for their websites or emails.

Watch brand MVMT is an exception. The brand works with a variety of influencers, from micro to mega in size, and takes careful steps to maximize the return on investment. For example, MVMT maximizes the ROI of its partnership with popular social media influencer Alyssa Lynch (@alyssalynch) by reusing her sponsored images on both the homepage and product detail pages. This content acts as a powerful variant on UGC, showing the product in real-life settings and inferring a top-notch recommendation by an influencer.


Across all its influencer-sponsored posts, MVMT has the influencer include discount codes letting customers receive $15 or 10% off an MVMT purchase. Including the influencer’s name in each discount code enables MVMT to easily track the conversion rate of each influencer. MVMT also curates the influencer’s “top picks” on a landing page to further provide tracking details, creating dedicated links the influencer can share across his or her channels.

MVMT’s influencers help the brand spread its message far and wide and quickly win the trust of millennial consumers. More than a quarter of MVMT’s site traffic comes from social media, almost four times more than the industry average.


Brands looking to derive higher ROI from their influencer marketing strategy should deploy influencer content beyond social media. Email and both display and traditional media campaigns can be ideal channels for this type of content. Additionally, attributing sales or engagement to prove ROI is easier if you leverage influencer campaign-specific hashtags and discount codes.

Brands should also consider expanding beyond their industry verticals to partner with out-of-category influencers. MVMT’s influencers include luxury lifestylers, makeup pros, sports and fitness instructors, and car enthusiasts. According to L2 research, while both in-category and out-of-category influencer relationships can provide significant boosts, out-of-category relationships offer the bonus reward of expanding reach to new audiences. 

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