Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.31.39 PMNet-a-Porter launches its social app The Net Set this week, as an effort to weave together browsing, buying, and social engagement. The Net Set resembles Facebook in providing a live news feed of fashion items and trending news. Users can also create profiles and upload images to the app. For those interested in narrowing their search, The Net Set has “tribes” or sets of user groups centered on a certain style themes.

So what is Net-a-Porter hoping to gain from making its users be social? Turns out, there is a lot of potential in harnessing user engagement. Browsers who interact with a piece of user-generated content on their path to purchase are 9.6% more likely to purchase.

instagram-2015-impact-of-ugc-on-e-commerce-conversion-rates (2)

The impact of just viewing UGC is significant as well, especially in the retail category where it can increase likelihood of purchase by 6.4x.

instagram-2015-impact-of-ugc-on-likelihood-to-purchase-by-categoryMost brands place user-generated content from Instagram on their product pages (West Elm, Christian Louboutin) but creating an Instagram-like platform with links to commerce and search filters can be another way to boost conversions.

For more on the power of user-generated content see L2 guidelines for what retailers should focus on between now and 2020.


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