Since 2009, L2 has published dozens of comprehensive Digital IQ Index and Prestige 100® reports on luxury verticals such as Fashion, Beauty, Specialty Retail, Watches & Jewelry, and Hotels, digital platforms like Facebook and Mobile, and regions like China and the emerging BRI nations. Based on consumer trends and  member interest, we are always looking to extend our research reach beyond these cornerstone studies; in the past year alone, we’ve introduced several inaugural studies: Fragrance, Sportswear, and most recently, Spirits. Down the line in 2013, we have plans to add even more verticals to our research offerings. Among them: Department Stores, Hair, Home, and Automotive. These will join our regular roster of annual studies, including Hotels, which, will see its third-annual release tomorrow, January 31st.


Along the way, as demand dictated, L2 also produced shorter reports, or “supplements,” the purpose of which was to a shine a light on a certain region within a certain vertical. So far, the only region we’ve focused on is the Europe, which has supplements on Specialty Retail, Fashion, and Beauty. This year, L2 will augment this collection with more regularity, releasing another 13, including four — Beauty (released last week), Watches & Jewelry, Fashion and Hotels — on China. Like their more comprehensive Digital IQ Index and Prestige 100® counterparts, these supplements include rankings, brand case studies and trend analyses. The primary role of these supplements is to fill the content gap between Digital IQ Index report publication dates.


Over the next 12 months, L2 will also publish nine Intelligence Reports, another new offering that uses member-provided data (investment, strategy, and so forth) in regions like China, APAC, and BRI, and on digital platforms like Video, Mobile and e-Commerce. Written in the vein of a white paper, L2 Intelligence Reports will not include brand rankings but will provide invaluable quantitative and qualitative insights into what luxury brands are doing in certain regions and on certain platforms. L2 Intelligence Reports will only be available to those L2 members that participated in the data collection.


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