APAC-Japan-BlogToday, we released the 2013 Digital IQ Index: Japan, the second in a series of four Digital IQ Index reports focused on the APAC region. The first installment, on China, can be accessed here. This report analyzed the digital performance of 100 global brands in Japan — across all the luxury verticals — and benchmarked the top 10 across: Site, Digital Marketing, Mobile and Social Media. This comprehensive study also takes a deep cut at how the world’s third-largest economy (and the world’s third-largest luxury consumer) is faring by assessing trends within the luxury marketplace, industry best practices and brand case studies. Gucci came in No. 1 for several reasons, among them Italian fashion house’s strong local mobile app, which has garnered 1,259 ratings in the Japanese iTunes store (80 percent of luxury brands’ apps have zero). Best in class social media in the Fashion category and well-executed localized marketing efforts also set Gucci apart. The rest of the top 10 are listed below:


For more insights and data, watch our original animated video below and download an excerpt of the report here. Please also check back later this week for more report-related blog posts.


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