Local Corporation released a new study today showing that North American consumers are increasingly turning to tablets to research purchase decisions. Even though PCs provide larger screens and flash capability, tablets’ interactive features — such as expand and rotate — make viewing products more dynamic and tactile.


Of those surveyed, an overwhelming 80 percent of respondents said they use their tablets to research and buy products, and 23 percent use their tablets in conjunction with a PC. Even though most consumers still prefer to make the final purchase via a PC, 43 percent of tablet owners said they used a tablet to research a product prior to purchasing on a PC. Given how new tablets are, it’s impressive that 20 percent of respondents rely solely on their tablets for researching and buying products.


At L2, we’re increasingly seeing brands across industries recognizing this trend and optimizing their sites for viewing on tablets. European fashion brand Moschino and People.com have both launched iPad-optimized sites, and e-commerce giant Amazon has also introduced an iPad-optimized Kindle store this year.


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