With the release of our Digital IQ Index: Facebook study in June, we introduced a new L2 research-sharing policy: our reports, in their entirety, would only be available to L2 members. So as not to deprive the public total access to our research, we now assemble a generous excerpt from each study, including brand rankings and top-line research findings, all of which is available for anyone to download on our site. If you’re familiar with this blog, you already know that when we release a report, we continue the sharing, often dedicating several days’ ¬†worth of real estate to in-depth looks at the research based on data not included in the public excerpts.


For the Facebook report, for example, we highlighted the strategies of high-performing beauty brands. The following month for Fragrance, one of our posts¬†analyzed the industry’s failure to leverage digital content on the mobile platform. And this month, with the release of our Magazines study, we looked at the advantages, Digital IQ-wise, of belonging to a parent company.


And now, we’d like introduce our newest method for sharing our research: L2 Chart of the Day. Just like it sounds, this Tumblr account (which is also visible from our blog homepage) will be updated daily with an original L2 chart, graph or infographic pertaining to our most recently-released report. Currently, Magazines are the focus, but Specialty Retail will take over on September 6th, followed by Sportswear on September 20th, and Fashion soon after on October 4th.


To learn more about L2 membership, please contact membership@l2inc.com


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