Aligning your store to your app? Check. Nike’s newest store, Nike by Melrose, aligns closely with its other strategic initiatives, especially its mobile apps. One of the few activewear brands to create both shopping and activity tracking apps without relying on a third party, Nike has managed to match its digital dreams with actual expertise.

Previously, the brand leaned into personalization as a key point of attraction for its apps, enabling users to browse the app based on their interest, gender, and size, according to Gartner L2’s insight report on mobile apps. This allows for a personalized newsfeed and a more seamless shopping experience. With Nike by Melrose, the brand takes connectivity a step further. The store, which opened in July, is the first of a series of new store concepts that offer mobile app benefits and use e-commerce data from Nike’s mobile app users, such as local NikePlus shoppers, to inform inventory. Visitors can use their mobile app to scan and buy products online and pick them up in store lockers. Additionally, NikePlus members can redeem rewards by using a member pass, loaded via the Nike mobile app, every two weeks at a digital vending machine within the store.

In the future, Nike plans to further incorporate omnichannel sophistication into its mobile app experiences. For example, the brand plans to introduce product reservations in-app, which will then be held in personal in-store lockers so that customers can try products before purchasing them.

As Nike continues to invest in improved and personalized customer experiences in-app, it will continue to reap the rewards in app stickiness and the ability to use robust data to drive other aspects of its business strategy.

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