Snapchat provides a unique opportunity for brands due to the preponderance of young users: 37% of the Snapchat audience consists of 18-24 year olds. However, while 47% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail have Snapchat accounts, none have come up with a winning strategy.

In May, only 11% of brands with Snapchat accounts posted daily, a surprisingly low figure given Snapchat’s ephemeral nature. Some brands also failed to post during holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day Weekend, further missing the opportunity to engage users.

Average post frequency on Snapchat

The most successful brands implement a range of content to keep users engaged, according to the study. For example, Sephora tested cross-platform functionality by urging Snapchat users to go to different Sephora-branded domains such as their app or Instagram profile. Fashion-forward brands gave users a behind-the-scenes tour of the exclusive Met Gala, while teen-friendly PINK let users screenshot, decorate, and share individual snapshots for a chance to be featured on the brand profile.

While no brand has yet dominated the competition, the cultural predominance of Snapchat indicates that it will likely become an essential element of retail brands’ social arsenal.

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