It’s no secret that Instagram brings multiple the engagement and conversion rates of other social media channels. L2’s Intelligence Report: Instagram finds that engagement on the platform is 15x that of Facebook and posting an user-generated Instagram photo on a product page can increase conversion by 7%. And L2’s Department Stores Insight Report: Social Media finds Instagram to be the perfect platform for fan acquisition. Nordstrom, for example, almost tripled its fan base from 2013 to 2014.

textRetailers are attracted to the high engagement rates. For example 86% of department stores maintain an Instagram account, 60% more than in 2013. But what tactics some of the brands with the most rapid fan acquisition using? Net-A-Porter, who grew its fan base by 80% in a year, encourages consumers to post pictures of their unboxed orders with the hashtag #TheNETSet. More than 4,600 unboxing images are featured in a shoppable gallery. Macy’s added 42,000 followers and increased its engagement to 70x the average post by being one of the first to pilot Instagram ads.

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