At L2’s 2013 Forum, Nordstrom President Jamie Nordstrom said one of the challenges of creating a true multichannel experience is fostering a collaborative culture amongst departments that were previously competing. For example, Nordstrom needed to encourage buyers for the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar divisions to become partners and eventually integrate their teams.


Nordstrom’s words reflect common challenges of rolling out an omnichannel strategy. L2’s Intelligence Report: Omnichannel Retail found business model limitations were the dominant barrier to Omnichannel maturity, cited by 50% of retailers. Another is difficulty sharing data and analytics between channels, which 39% cited. Thirty-four percent and 27% percent of retailers mentioned conflict between channel teams and siloed departments respectively.

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Retailers must also address attribution of cross-channel sales, which is inconsistent across retailers. For example, 31% credit the e-commerce channel for a sale made online and picked up in the store, while 21% credit the physical store channel. And just 16% of retailers have unified P&Ls for channel agnostic sales goals.

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