Despite the buzz around bringing online shoppers to retail stores, few brands have truly mastered a true omnichannel strategy. Just 29% of brands make their in-store inventory visible on online product pages and only 4% allow customers to reserve in-store. Examples of brands ahead in the omnichannel game:

Home Depot locates its 40,000+ SKUs in-store down to the aisle and shelf.

Harvey Nichols has a Click & Try feature which reserves items for consumers to try on in-store, in addition to complementary items set aside for a .

Brands must compete with Amazon, who is constantly changing and upgrading the delivery game. For example, the retailer recently partnered with Audi and DHL to offer delivery of Prime purchases directly to consumers’ car trunks, a space that is convenient, safe, and discreet.

It’s important to note that the best omnichannel strategy is not faster delivery, its more convenient delivery. Often consumers are not willing to pay for expedited shipping, and solutions such as Amazon and Audi’s partnership or Home Depot’s inventory track can be popular alternatives.

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