For luxury brands, video has become a key conversion driver: 64% of consumers have been influenced to make a purchase by marketing videos they saw on social media. Unsurprisingly, brands have increased their investments in video content, which made up 19% of brand Instagram posts and 28% of Facebook posts in 2017. 

However, all videos don’t generate the same level of engagement. Shorter video content outperforms across all platforms, according to Gartner L2’s report on luxury brands and social media.


This trend is most significant for the watches & jewelry and champagne & spirits categories, which saw views drop off almost 90% when videos went over two minutes. The trend also holds true across platforms. The top 10 videos with the most engagement in most sectors tend to be under 30 seconds on Facebook and a minute on Instagram. Auto brands are the only outlier to this trend, as livestreamed events like the Le Mans are popular among car aficionados on both YouTube and Facebook.

Chanel is particularly adept at adjusting video length to address audience attention spans. On Instagram, Chanel’s short-form Fall-Winter 2018 Highlights video garnered over 250,000 interactions in less than a month, double the brand’s average. The luxury brand posted a long highlights video on YouTube and then cut it into a shorter video on Facebook, resulting in an impressive 5% engagement rate on YouTube as well as double its average video engagement rate on Facebook. By properly adjusting the video’s length for different platform audiences, Chanel maximized the chance of engagement.

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