The U.K. boasts one of the most mature e-commerce markets in the world, with 27% of its residents having purchased food online. Therefore, it’s no surprise that beverage brands (beer, sodas, energy drinks, ready-to-drink coffees and teas) founded in the U.K. are setting an example with their e-tailer presence. All brands in the study that originated in Great Britain and Ireland are present on and In fact, online grocers in the U.K. have worked with beverage retailers across the EU. The graph below shows the EU Beverages Index has a 96% participation on And 80% can be attributed to brand who do their highest volume of sales in the U.K.

EU-BEV-04 (2)

However, these e-tailers (and their stocked products) are remaining hidden from plain sight. For example, Ocada stocks 80% of brands in the EU Beverages Index, but appears in first-page results just 37%.

EU-BEV-01 (2)

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