In a previous post, we covered the scarcity of apps designed by Personal Care brands. Even more rare is a popular one. Oral-B has managed to rise above lackluster oral care apps (shown in the graph above) with its Disney Magic Timer. In less than a year since its release in February, Disney Magic Timer has amassed 426 reviews at a rate of 2.51 ratings per day. That’s far more L2 Personal Care Index average of 0.4 and more than many of its older counterparts’.

A timer-based approach that personalizes the brushing routine for children has a lot to do with Magic Timer’s success. Children (or adults) can scan their Crest or Oral-B toothbrush and pick a character to encourage them to stick with a two-minute routine and alert them when they press too hard. The gamification element encourages repeat use; by properly brushing users can unlock special characters and other virtual rewards. The app also nudges consumers towards purchase by notifying users when they should replace the toothbrush head.

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