In this new video, L2 Head of Research Maureen Mullen speaks about second screen winners and losers of the 2014 Oscars. Greek yogurt company Chobani did a fantastic job of alluding to the fakeness of Hollywood to showcase their natural ingredients, Mullen said. NASA also leveraged Gravity’s Best Picture nominations with a series of real-time Tweets and an interview series with Sandra Bullock. These efforts led to a lot of retweets Mullen cautioned against brands trying too hard, as many have been trying to grab attention during these events ever since Oreo’s Super Bowl slam dunk. An example of a failed effort was Clorox’s “There is no seat like home” tweet during the Wizard of Oz montage. Dior’s silence during the Academy Awards was another fail. The brand’s dress designed actress Jennifer Lawrence for the Oscars, but did not capitalize on the media buzz for the event.

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