The rapid growth of health and fitness apps offers OTC brands a chance to engage consumers. Health and fitness is one of the fastest-growing categories in the App Store, and two-thirds of Americans over 18 say they would use mobile apps to manage health-related issues. However, brands have largely ignored this opportunity.

Only 16% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: OTC Health Care have mobile apps. Moreover, nearly half are classified in the Utilities or Entertainment categories, rather than among the more relevant Health & Fitness listings.

Excedrin and Vicks stand out in this regard, offering apps that capitalize on both their distinctive brands and the growing market for data tracking. Excedrin’s “My Migraine Triggers” is a tracking tool that helps users understand which activities, foods, and beverages lead to headaches. The Vicks “smartTemp” app pairs with the corresponding “smartTemp” thermometer to make temperature taking and tracking more efficient.

OTC mobile apps

With the mHealth app market expected to hit $31 billion by 2020, Excedrin and Vicks are well-positioned to monetize their offerings. Other OTC brands could benefit by taking advantage of this opportunity.

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