As prescription-wary consumers turn to homeopathic products, OTC brands could alleviate some of their apprehensions by publishing key safety and active ingredient information online. However, L2’s Digital IQ Index: OTC Health Care finds many companies failing to do so.

While all Index brand sites list active ingredients, only 65% disclose additional ingredients that can be found on product packaging. Similarly, only 58% include a phone number to report side effects and 13% include the toll-free number to reach poison control.

Product information

This reflects the simplicity of Health Care brand
 sites in comparison with those in other sectors. Basic features are often missing or limited: for example, only 46% 
of brands enable visitors to filter product results by “type” and only 34% support filtering by “symptom.” Given that 71% of survey respondents primarily shop for OTC products by symptom, two-thirds of Index brands are neglecting a valuable opportunity.


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