In honor of Facebook IPO Day, we’ve selected our five favorite Mark Zuckerberg interviews for you to rewatch. He’s not the most articulate businessman, and not particularly charming, but what the Facebook CEO lacks in on-screen charisma he more than makes up for in ideas that shape tomorrow’s social behavior. From a 21-year-old recent graduate who’s “too lazy to get internet” at his studio apartment in Palo Alto to an only slightly more poised 27-year-old sitting side by side with COO Sheryl Sandberg discussing Facebook’s future in China with Charlie Rose, Mark Zuckerberg has certainly come a long way. And today he’s come even further, leading the biggest tech IPO in history. Enjoy.


The Charlie Rose Show (2012), discussing with COO Sheryl Sandberg the opportunities and challenges of launching Facebook in China.


Business Insider (2010), discussing the difference between how Facebook really started and Hollywood’s version in “The Social Network.”


TechCrunch (2009), discussing Facebook’s then $10B valuation with investor Yuri Milner, CEO Digital Sky Technologies.


60 Minutes (2008), discussing and justifying controversial new features like Beacon while offering a behind-the-scenes look at Facebook HQ.


Our Time documentary (2009), then just 21 years old, discussing how starting Facebook has and hasn’t changed his life.


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