Chinese internet users spend more time on digital media than any other outlet, yet Beer brands have not focused investment on localized sites, forgoing the opportunity to establish online brand hubs.

Only 62% of the 37 brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer China have a localized Chinese site. And while most of those sites incorporate videos and links to social media, less than 10% adopt more advanced features including product locators and UGC.

Site features

Budweiser excels in site localization, employing innovative site features and robust content – one factor that helped the brand earned its top spot in the ranking. The homepage links to prominent retailers Tmall and JD, while product pages integrate e-commerce links, a practice employed by only four Index brands. Budweiser also posts videos and promotions related to its association with the popular Tomorrowland electronic music festival.

Harbin and Pearl River, which place in the Gifted category, also score high for site localization by capitalizing on the popularity of basketball. Harbin’s brand site advertises basketball-related promotions and sweepstakes, while Pearl River displays a newsfeed about local basketball tournaments, national team highlights, and youth events.

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