pampersOur Digital IQ Index: Personal Care China report found ‘Gifted’ brand Pampers to have a few of the best e-tailer practices of brands in our Index. Pampers has consistent branded pages across six e-tailers. Pampers offers a loyalty program, and is one of two China personal care brands to send emails to customers who opt in. It offers samples in exchange for product reviews. It invests in search; items from its Tmall store appear as the first promoted results.

In addition to getting the basics right, Pampers employs a few innovative tactics to lure consumers from product discovery to the purchase stage. It is one of few personal care brands to have daily flash sales. It participated in e-tailer Jingdong’s New Year baby campaign, cross-promoting products such milk powder with diapers. On Yihaodian Baby Center, it sponsored a photo contest promising a six-month supply of diapers to the winner. In another contest users could submit photos of their babies for a chance to become the face of Pampers, chosen by the brand’s 11,226 fans.

Pampers excels in post-purchase fulfillment. Its CRM strategy was featured as Flash of Genius in our report. Orders over $5 on Amazon and $29 on the brand’s Tmall store are shipped for free.

Pampers was ranked 7th of 73 brands in our Index. It was one of three brands with a fan base of over 60,000 on Weitao. Its success is an example of how conventional promotion tactics and meeting standard customer expectations can lead to brand loyalists and fans, even without off-the-wall social media and ad campaigns.

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