L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | UK finds that Pampers has significantly more reviews than its average personal care counterpart on Amazon.co.uk. Pampers’ top ten listings have more than 10x the reviews of the average Index brands’ top ten listings, 543 vs. 53.

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Much of those reviews are due to the existence of an interactive community of moms sponsored by the brand. Pampers Village provides new moms with tools to interact with each other and track their baby’s progress. Participants also receive coupons and advice from pediatricians. Pampers’ Amazon investment goes beyond reviews. It places 5.4 images per product page compared to the Index average of 2.1, and has an Amazon store highlighted at the top of search results. And products in the Pampers Amazon store are eligible for the Amazon Family loyalty program, encouraging repeat purchases.

A look at other personal care brands’ investments on Amazon shows most brands lag in areas other than Prime participation. Less than half have more than 20 reviews and just 43% have products eligible for Subscribe & Save.

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