Customer-ServiceOur inaugural Digital IQ Index: Personal Care China report found that even though e-commerce accounts for a larger portion of personal care sales in China than in the U.S. (7.7% vs. 2%), brand sites in the country have room to improve.

Personal care companies have made a half-hearted effort with their China brand sites. All but four (Adidas, Fa, Johnson’s Body, Stayfree) in our Index have country-specific content, but most lack quality. Average load time is 3.3 seconds compared to the global average of 1.8, and many have buggy features such as inaccurate Chinese characters. A third have broken links or link to expired content.

China brand sites also neglect customer service. Just 7% feature product reviews even though 44% of Chinese customers use strangers’ opinions to make purchase decisions. Only 9% offer store locators, and Yunnan Baiyao is the only brand that offers live chat. One in five brands offer no customer service contacts on their site.

Currently, e-tailers such as Tmall drive the majority of e-commerce sales for China Personal Care and brands. Campaigns are publicized through social media sites. However, a functional and up-to-date brand site can be a worthwhile investment in protecting credibility even if visited infrequently.

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