Personal Care brands do not currently realize the full potential of email in France. A survey measuring effective digital marketing practices found that email is the preferred channel of communication for French consumers. Fifty-nine percent of participants selected email as their preferred method of communication, versus 29% who selected brand site and only 13% selected Facebook. The graphs below show the discrepancy between what French consumers prefer and what personal care Index brands are currently providing.

Preferred-Channels Ankita-france-email-data-large

Only 48% of brands in L2’s upcoming study Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | France offer account and/or newsletter functionality, compared to 55% that have FAQs on brand site and 56% that actively participated on Facebook. The average email cadence for Index brands is 2.7 emails per week compared to an average of 2.8 posts on Facebook. Additionally, only 68% of index brands sent a welcome email in the first month, meaning less than half of index brands participate in email communication on a regular basis.


Brands don’t make signing up to receive email an easy process. Signing up for accounts can be a cumbersome process, with an average of eight obligatory inputs when creating an account. (Kerastase has 17 obligatory inputs.) Lack of email functionality continues across devices with only 11% of brands offering email sign up on a mobile device.





Email on desktop and mobile sites are currently large areas of opportunity for brands in France. With consumers placing more importance on email over social media, brands should refocus their digital marketing efforts on email communication. Additionally, mobile penetration in France has almost doubled from 25 to 48% since 2011 and is expected to grow to 78% by 2017. With mobile penetration increasing at such a high rate, brands should expand and improve mobile account functionality and user interface to keep up with market growth.

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