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L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | UK, released today, finds there is a divide between UK retailers that carry personal care items and the brands. The former are digital and omnichannel savvy, and for a large part responsible for the high adoption (35%) of click-and-collect among British consumers. Large supermarkets are experimenting with self-serve lockers, drive-through collection, and Tube station collection points. On the other hand, brands lag. Just 43% have e-tailer handoff and only 15% have direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Boots.com is UK’s most dominant e-tailer and a threat to Amazon.co.uk. Both platforms have made substantial investments in click-and-collect, but a larger percentage of brands are active on Boots. Ten percent of Index brands have customized brand pages on Amazon.co.uk while 46% have done so on Boots.com.

It’s unclear whether brands will catch up to e-tailers, as they are behind in aspects other than click-and-collect. For example, eight of nine e-tailers in L2’s UK Personal Care study placed ratings and reviews on product pages vs just 31% of brand sites. For more on which of the 67 UK Personal Care brands in the study fared better than others, download a copy of the L2 study.

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